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Unplanned downtime, insufficient effectiveness or expensive maintenance of machines reduce productivity.

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Erhöhen Sie mit IconPro APOLLO die Zuverlässigkeit Ihrer Produktion durch geringere Ausfall- und Wartungszeiten.
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MONITOR states, events, processes

See at a glance if your machines are working as planned and get notified if they aren’t.

EVALUATE availability, performance, quality

Monitor the effectiveness of the entire system, groups or individual machines in the simplest way.

PREDICT & MINIMIZE failures & maintenance

Receive timely information about failure risks or necessary service measures for cost-efficient planning.


Von Daten zu Informationen

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Überwachung der Gesamtanlageneffektivität


Überwachung aller Maschinenzustände


Vorhersage & Anforderung von Wartung


Kontrolle & Verbesserung der Leistung & Qualität

Smart Condition Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance Lösung

IconPro APOLLO für eine bessere Maschineneffektivität.
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Evaluation and monitoring of
OEE parameters

Get detailed or aggregated machine effectiveness reports to assess profitability.

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Prediction & request for
maintenance, calibration & service

Predict necessary maintenance or service work and request it in an optimized way for minimal costs and downtime.

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Evaluation & improvement of
performance & quality

Track machine availability & performance or process capability to optimize productivity & quality.

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Run more machines more efficiently and reliably

Keep track of many machine statuses and program progress at the same time and at any location.


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Manufacturing – Visual Inspection
Manufacturing – Visual Inspection

Project Subtitle
System for adaptive phototonic surface testing with adaptive image evaluation in combination with a cleaning system.

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Mechanical – Wire Eroding
Mechanical – Wire Eroding

Project Subtitle
Data-based evaluation of the wire electrical discharge machining process

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Energy – Minimize Consumption
Energy – Minimize Consumption

Project Subtitle
Automation of network edge infrastructure & applications with artificial intelligence

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  • Checking the existing machine and sensor data

  • Expansion and improvement of the data situation

  • Processing of the data and dashboard visualization

  • Evaluation of the feasibility for your machines

  • Evaluation of the return on investment

  • Roll-out roadmap after successful proof-of-concept

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Introduction –
AI in production

Learn more about AI in production and its use cases.

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Production in a company can come to a complete standstill due to machine failures.

Of course, it is necessary to periodically shut down machines for maintenance or calibration to ensure accuracy, safety and efficiency.

However, when unplanned downtime occurs, it causes disruption to work processes, inefficiency, high costs and wasted time. 

Modern industrial AI software for predictive maintenance like IconPro APOLLO can solve these problems to maximize productivity.

Solutions for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance optimize machine availability.

They provide real-time alarms about critical conditions and predict machine failures before they occur to avoid unplanned downtime.



Predictive maintenance software applies machine learning (ML) and industrial AI to machine condition monitoring data.

Corresponding industrial AI software for predictive maintenance like IconPro APOLLO anticipates when a component will fail so that preventive maintenance can be scheduled before unplanned downtime occurs.

The aim is to go beyond pure condition monitoring and to plan maintenance at an optimal and cost-efficient point in time.

In this way, machine availability is significantly maximized, but without endangering it, and a significantly higher availability and overall system effectiveness of the machines or robots is achieved. 



Condition monitoring or the condition monitoring of machines or robots refers to the collection of data on machine or environmental conditions (e.g. vibration, temperature, etc.).

The status data collected is relevant to the availability, performance or potential failures of the machines.

They are stored to detect deviations or anomalies that could indicate a developing machine failure or downtime.

Condition monitoring is elementary for predictive maintenance, as it only enables the use of industrial AI software to predict downtimes via the collected data.



Goals: Maximum operator efficiency, Minimum incorrect measurements 

  • Problem: It is difficult for operators to keep track of measurement progress and errors from several machines at possibly different locations. 
  • Solution: Monitor measurement progress, operational, environmental and error states at a glance for groups or all machines from anywhere in IconPro Apollo. 
  • Added value: Less operator effort per machine, higher utilization and less time spent on errors. Increased overall equipment effectiveness. 



The main benefit of predictive maintenance is the ability to predict & schedule required maintenance based on the current & historical condition of the machine.

However, it is anything but easy to determine the exact status of complex machines or robots. 

Predictive maintenance can use condition monitoring to alert technicians to imminent machine failures when the following are true: 

  • Condition monitoring via attached sensors or interfaces to the control system provides an adequate digital image of the machine condition over time 
  • Predictive models that can process the collected data to automatically find anomalies and changes or anticipate failures (industrial AI) 
  • IIoT technology (Industrial Internet of Things) enables connectivity between machines, software solutions and server infrastructure 



Many sensors and components necessary for condition monitoring can be installed or retrofitted.

Electrical currents, vibrations, temperature, pressure, oil, noise levels, degree of corrosion and much more can be measured using modern and small external sensors,

be measured by using existing modern standard interfaces to the control system or by adapting to older analogue interfaces to the control system.

In most cases, the information is already there, just waiting to be extracted by experts like those at IconPro. 



Deciding on predictive maintenance in your production has many advantages. Some of them are: 

  • Only necessary maintenance work, calibration or repair work incurs costs, since predictive maintenance recommends these measures in good time before significant disruptions or downtime occur.
  • The operating time or overall system effectiveness of the machines is increased.
  • Predictive maintenance keeps your machinery running like clockwork with less or no production disruption caused by unexpected downtime and reactive maintenance or repair work.
  • Increased ability to plan with regard to the start and end times of production orders.
  • Longer asset life as a result of optimal maintenance and repairs – predictive maintenance helps prevent actual asset damage, so you benefit from the performance of your assets for longer.
  • Increased profitability: Although condition monitoring and predictive maintenance is an investment at first, it ultimately saves your production a lot of money by protecting and getting the most out of your most valuable assets.