As a DevOps Engineer you will define, implement, optimize CI/CD pipelines, define and automate needed testing procedures, define and optimize artifact repositories, handle the pre-deployment staging, organize releases, fallback & recovery management, manage, evaluate, automate and optimize. If you are a Senior DevOps Engineer you will also be responsible for the managing your project, repositories and the code performances.

What you should bring to the table:
▪ 4+ years of experience as full-time employee in professional software engineering and development and, if senior, additional 4+ year of full-time experience in DevOps
▪ You are familiar with CI / CD pipeline automation and IaaS platforms
▪ You have experience in using Docker, Kubernetes and Spark
▪ Experience in Database Technologies, API specifications, message broker technologies
▪ Ideal: Amazon ECR and EKS, Auto ML and ML Ops, FastAPI, ML Flow, Prometheus, Terraform