Nils Plettenberg

Nils Plettenberg, one of our machine learning engineers, tell us how a typical day of work for him looks like. Check it out!

Nils studied Electrical Engineering with a major in Computer Engineering at the RWTH Aachen University. Besides, he also holds a bachelor‘s degree in Technical Communication.

He joined IconPro on the Summer 2020 as an intern and wrote his Master‘s thesis with us. After concluding it, he was hired as a full-time employee and working with us.

A regular working day for him starts at 8. He always joins the daily meetings and after that, he spends most of the time assisting in the deployment of the IconPro Ares, our software for predctive qualiy and process optimization. Nils also gives workshops for our customers, which he describes as a nice change from his developing routine.

„I really enjoy working in a young and very international team, with colleagues from all over the world. Working at IconPro is highly dynamic and hierarchies are flat. The structures are quite flexible, so it is always possible to try different tasks and experience new areas of software development, research and project management, according to your individual preferences and strengths.”

As asked what challenges him at IconPro, he answered: „As we constantly update our tech-stack to keep up with the most recent developments in machine learning, cloud and cluster computing, working at IconPro means that you learn new things almost every day.”


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Praneeth Katta

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