Jesuino Vieira

Jesuino is a software developer, working remotely from Brazil. Check out how a working day with him looks like!

Jesuino Vieira

Jesuino comes from Brazil and studies Mechatronic Engineering at the Federal University of Santa Catarina. His contact with programming got bigger in his 2nd semester, as he became an undergraduate student assistant of the discipline and was carrying out research in this area.

In 2020, Jesuino joined IconPro as a student developer. He describes it as “an amazing internship opportunity”. Mid 2021, he returned home, but continues being part of our team remotely.

A typical day of work for Jesuino starts at 8:00. This can vary depending on the day, since at IconPro, working hours are very flexible. After reading emails and planning his work, his day is filled with thinking, coding, and problem solving (aka bugs). “We also have team meetings to keep everyone up to date, which is especially essential for those working from home.”
As asked what he likes about iconPro, that’s what he answered: “IconPro is a very engaging place to work and opens up space to learn and be challenged. As my first professional experience, I can say that the company has done a lot for me. I feel valued and respected as an employee from the first months and despite working from another country now, I don’t feel distant from the team. The atmosphere that makes the day-to-day work light combined with the company values is what makes me proud of working for IconPro.”

Besides, Jesuino said that he feels challenged, since he is pushed to his limits of knowledge and has to apply the skills learned in college to real life problems.