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Keep your flexibility and data sovereignty. IconPro Apollo comes as Software-as-a-Service or can be hosted by customers themselves on-premise or in the cloud!

Icon ProTailored to production!

Perfect for machine operators, metrologists, production workers and managers. Simple, structured and to the point instead of a general IoT solution!

Icon ProGuaranteed connection!

Standard connectivity for popular measuring machines, machine tools, robots and controllers. Otherwise we guarantee the MT-Connect, MQTT or OPC-UA connection!


Connect measuring systems, machine tools and robots. Monitor operating states, programs, sensors and alarms. Evaluate OEE, keep track & predict failures!
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Condition Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance: Measurement Machines

Get to know the most relevant application scenarios and added values for Condition Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance for measurement machines.

Added value for the actual actors

We meet the needs of production
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Production/ Quality Manager
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Production/ Quality Manager

Monitoring & improving the effectiveness of expensive measuring systems or machine tools can be a challenge due to the large number of machines or different machine manufacturers. Apollo solves these problems and offers clear dashboards.

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Maintenance & Service
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Maintenance & Service

Does it make sense to adhere to regular static service intervals, regardless of the utilization & requirements of the machines or the operating conditions? Difficult to manage service histories & requests for many machines? With Apollo this is not the case!

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IT/OT department
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IT/OT department

Convincing colleagues from the IT/OT department can sometimes be difficult. That is why they are also thought of with Apollo. Apollo runs as software-as-as-service with minimal administration effort or can be self-hosted on-premise or used in any cloud!

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The parallel operation and monitoring of the operating conditions and the work progress of several machines is a challenge for the operators. With Apollo you increase your efficiency and reliability by visualizing all relevant information in intuitive dashboards.

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Condition Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance: Machine Tools

Get to know the most relevant application scenarios and added values for Condition Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance for machine tools.

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Get a first impression of the simplicity of Predictive Condition Monitoring & Maintenance with Apollo – up and running in days, not months.


Condition Monitoring &
Predictive Maintenance -
just a few clicks away.

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1: Connect plants

Connect measuring systems, machine tools or robots via common interfaces.
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2: Monitor operation

Continuous tracking, evaluation and visualization of states, processes, events and warnings.
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3: Improve OEE

Use evaluations & forecasts for better equipment effectiveness (OEE), maintenance and user efficiency.

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What makes APOLLO so powerful?

Machine Data Collection

Connection to all common machines and controls as well as other modern standard interfaces!
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OEE & Utilization

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and detailed shift schedules for individual machines or machine groups!
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Events & Alerts

All relevant events and alerts in the dashboard or subscribed via email to your device!
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Condition monitoring

Knowing the environmental, operating and condition conditions, also in relation to the machine specification!
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Program progress & history

Know what programs are running, when and where. See remaining terms - anytime & anywhere!
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History of service activities

History of all service activities as well as meta information of each machine. Request optimized service and maintenance!
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Predictive Maintenance

Predict the next calibration, certification or maintenance date for minimal costs and downtime!
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Statistical process control

Take the perspective of the process view and get the process stability and capability according to ISO!
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What is Machine Data Collection?

Machine data collection systematically acquires, analyzes and stores raw data that machines generate during operation. Sensors and software monitor operating parameters and states such as operating mode, temperature, speed or alarms. Via interfaces, the raw data is passed on to condition monitoring for further data processing and information evaluation and display.


What are Common Interfaces and Protocols for Machine Data Collection?.

Common interfaces and protocols for machine connectivity are OPC-UA, Modbus, Ethernet/IP, Profibus, MQTT and HTTP/HTTPS. They enable communication between both sensors and the controller on one side and the data transmission or processing unit on the other.


What is Condition Monitoring?

Condition monitoring is a technique for continuously observing and evaluating the condition of machines, plants or systems. Sensors and data analysis are used to detect potential problems, wear or tear at an early stage. The main goal is to minimize unplanned downtime, extend equipment life and increase efficiency.


What are the Benefits of Condition Monitoring?

The benefits of condition monitoring are many. They include reducing unplanned downtime, lowering maintenance costs, increased safety, improved product quality, optimized production processes, and longer equipment life. It also enables precise maintenance planning and contributes to the long-term profitability of companies.


What are Examples of Applications for Condition Monitoring in Production and Quality Assurance?

Examples include monitoring continuous manufacturing equipment or mechanical processing machines for machine vibration, temperature, pressure, lubricant quality, and electrical parameters, as well as fault and operating conditions. In quality assurance, measuring devices and measuring machines can be monitored to avoid downtimes, minimize calibrations or maintenance, and ensure measurement capability.


What are the Components of a Condition Monitoring System?

A condition monitoring system consists of sensors for data acquisition, one or more software or hardware modules for machine data acquisition from the control system, a data transmission unit (gateway), a data processing platform (database and application server and software), algorithms for data analysis (software application), a user interface for displaying all systems, machines and conditions, and ideally a maintenance management module.