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We always follow the most cost-effective way to realize your industrial AI solution –
from the idea to the finished software!
Icon ProPredictive Maintenance

Whether you are a machine manufacturer looking for a customized solution or a manufacturing company with a wide range of machinery - benefit from our experience! Unleash hidden potential!

Icon ProPredictive Quality

Predictive quality or process optimization is rarely plug & play. With us, you build on existing technology modules and implement operational solutions reliably and quickly.

Icon ProAI Image Processing

When evaluating defects in quality inspection, it is easy to lose track of existing possible solutions. Understanding (the requirements) of the use case is crucial!

Icon ProPrediction & Anomaly Detection

You already monitor parameters or states in your use case, but also want to forecast values and detect anomalies? We integrate these functionalities into almost any software.

How to Start?

In Three Systematic Steps to Your Industrial A.I. Solution
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1) Conception & Specification

Properly evaluate your idea and define requirements.

2) Proof of Concept

Agily and quickly work towards a prototype showing value.

3) Operational Integration

Reliably and sustainably integrate into you infrastructure.

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Reference Projects

Excerpt of already realized solutions for our industry customers  
  • GOAL: In an existing quality monitoring software in series production, quality forecasts and anomaly detection were to be integrated.

  • APPROACH: The ready-to-use IconPro TSAF module for automated time series analysis and forecasting was integrated seamlessly.

  • RESULT: Quality managers automatically get notified about critical changes and get a quality forecast to react early to ensure process stablity.

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  • GOAL: Reproduce the finished surface of a given master part for a series of new parts with an automated blasting machine.

  • APPROACH: A data-driven process optimization logic based on the IconPro ARES software was trained and integrated into operator dashboards.

  • RESULT: Operators scan the surface of the master part and get a recommendation for the process parameters based on the measurement results.

  • GOAL: In the course of quality checks with white light scanners, welding points were to be found and checked automatically in-process.

  • APPROACH: IconPro AI image processing algorithms were trained with historical image data and integrated into the customer’s measurement software.

  • RESULT: Instead of manually marking image spots with welding points for further automated evaluation, the weldings points are found automatically.

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