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Enter time series - output forecast or anomaly assessment - TSAF works that easily. You get reliable results without the need for further development or configuration.

Icon ProCan be integrated as required

With its specified interface, the TSAF module can be easily integrated into your existing workflows or dashboards, such as MS Power BI.

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Save significant costs on algorithm development and software support. TSAF is tried and tested in practice.


Pass time series from any source to your built-in TSAF module. Easily view automated predictions, change points, or outliers.
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Customer Reference: TSAF for Predicting Measurement Values & Process Capabilities

The company Hexagon integrated TSAF into the Q-DAS qs-STAT software to predict critical measurement values & process capabilities in quality assurance.

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We meet the needs of production.
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Process Engineers
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Process Engineers

With TSAF, you monitor changes in important process parameters and are informed directly about anomalies. You see systematic changes in the process parameters and receive forecasts of threshold values or critical limit values.

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Production/ Quality Manager
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Production/ Quality Manager

Monitor the KPIs of your production line(s) over time with your MES or SPC system. TSAF automatically and directly informs you about anomalies. TSAF also provides KPI forecasts and shows you systematic changes.

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Do you already monitor the states, events, operations and maintenance of your machines with software other than IconPro Apollo? No problem - simply add TSAF to your existing system to introduce predictive maintenance, predictive calibration or service functions in your system.

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Digitization Engineers
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Digitization Engineers

Increase your efficiency instead of reinventing the wheel. Out of the box, TSAF provides fully automated and tested real-time time series prediction and analysis. Integrate TSAF into any software as a Python package, Docker image or web service.

Effortlessly Predict and identify critical events at the exact time.

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Integrate & Submit

TSAF can be integrated as required. Signals and time series can be loaded or transmitted from anywhere.
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Perform Analysis

You will learn when changes occur and whether they are of a systematic nature or represent outliers.
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Request Forecast

You get forecasts of future values in real time and know when limit values are exceeded.

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What makes TSAF so powerful?

Automated pre-processing

"Unpleasant" data from real processes is a specialty of TSAF. No pre-processing is necessary here.
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Find all outliers

With automatic identification based on given data, you will no longer overlook outliers.
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Identify all change points

Systematic changes can always occur. TSAF can easily detect and report them.
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Automated value prediction

All systematic behaviors of parameter values over time are extracted and predicted.
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Confidence of prediction

For each prediction, TSAF provides an interval with a confidence level of 95% and higher.
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Seamless integration

Integrate dynamic ML predictions into your own application with our low-code API.
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Machine & process capabilities (according to ISO)

Evaluations for statistical process control according to
ISO guidelines are no problem with TSAF.
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Evaluation of the process stability (according to ISO)

Do you want to know if a process is statistically stable
according to ISO? Have your process analyzed by TSAF.
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Minimize time to operation of time- series analysis & prediction models.

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IconPro TSAF saves dozens of thousands of euros per year that customers would have to spent in-house for building, deploying and managing automated or manual time-series models.

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  • Person Months to Utilize Model In-House

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    2 Minutes

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What is the definition of time series analysis?

Time series analysis is a statistical method for examining data where information about a variable has been collected over a period of time. These data points are collected in a chronological order, which allows for the identification of patterns, trends, outliers, and relationships in the data. Time series analysis includes various techniques such as smoothing, trend analysis, and seasonality studies to gain insight into how phenomena evolve over time.


How are time series analysis and time series prediction related?

Time series analysis develops models to understand data and identify underlying causes. Time series prediction uses these models to predict future data points. Together, they provide the necessary understanding and tools to predict future events or trends.


What are use-cases for time series analysis and time series prediction?

Time series analysis and time series prediction are crucial in production and quality assurance. They enable real-time monitoring of production processes, prediction of maintenance needs, and anomaly detection. In quality assurance, they can be used to monitor product quality and predict quality issues. This allows companies to proactively act to minimize downtime and improve product quality.


Can time series analysis and time series prediction be automated?

Yes, time series evaluation can be partially automated. Advanced data analysis tools and software platforms offer capabilities for automated pre-processing of time series data, identification of outliers, trends and seasonality, and modeling of forecasts. Automation can speed up the analysis process and increase efficiency by automating repetitive tasks or even allow the real-time integration of time series evaluation into applications or workflows.