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Solve the Challenges

Quality problems and inefficiencies are difficult to manage, especially when processes change dynamically under many influences.

Unlock the Potential

Empower your production to predict & prevent losses with our ready-to-use industrial AI solution.
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Know IF losses will occur

Get real-time predictions about scrap including
prediction confidences.

Know WHY losses occurs

Get to know the most relevant process influences on
scrap automatically and as a report.

Know HOW to prevent losses

Get to know how to prevent scrap by optimized
process parameter recommendations.


From data to information

Quality Data
Process Data
Material Data
Sensor Data
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Process Engineers

Understand and improve
process influences

Quality Engineers

Get quality and scrap
predictions + root causes

Shopfloor Operators

Get and configure optimal
process parameters

IT Administrators

Monitor and control
software & resource usage

Predictive Quality & Yield Solutions

IconPro ARES empowers your team to predict & prevent losses.
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Process Engineers

Understand & Improve –
Complex Processes

Visualize the directional influence and importance of every single process parameter, create and share reports and derive improvements.

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Quality Engineers

Predict & Find –
Scrap & Root Causes

Know about the quality of a part already before inspection and find hidden root causes for quality issues. Make quality assurance & control efficient.

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Shopfloor Operators

See & Configure –
Optimal Process Parameters

Continuously get recommended configurations for your process – live and taking into account any process changes. Increase reliability and repeatability.

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IT Administrators

Monitor & Control –
Software & Resource Usage

Always know and administrate who is using the software with which resources. Scale the software internally easily, securely and stabily.


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Mechanical – Wire Eroding
Mechanical – Wire Eroding

Project Subtitle
Data-based evaluation of the wire electrical discharge machining process

Companies & Partners
WBA Aachener Werkzeugbau Akademie GmbH, Mak…

Automotive Metal Forming
Automotive Metal Forming

Project Subtitle
Industrial Reinforcement Learning for the Quality Control of Metal Forming Processes

Companies & Partners
Mubea, Tailor Rolled Blanks Gmb…

Manufacturing – Ultrasonic Inspection
Manufacturing – Ultrasonic Inspection

Project Subtitle
Quality Control of Vehicle Assembly using an Ultrasonic Imaging Sensor with Embedded Artificial Intelligence

Companies and Partners

Minimize scrap rates and maximize quality of your production line.

Enter your Parameters
IconPro AutoML helps to realize savings of dozens of thousands of euros per year per production line. Process optimizations are derived from analyses or can even be integrated into the processes.

Yearly Scrap Costs of Production Line

1 k€

  • 1
  • 200

Scrap Rate


  • 0.1
  • 30
  • Minimize your Scrape Rate to

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    2 %

  • Realize Annual Savings of

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    2 k€

How to start?

We will guide you through 6 systematic steps in less than 6 months. Get a reliable proof-of-concept in the most cost-efficient way!
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  • Understand your use-case and requirements

  • Know if your current data is suitable

  • Collect & structure meaningful data

  • Extract the maximum data potential

  • Know the feasability for your use-case

  • Know the return on investment

  • Get roll-out roadmap after proof of concept


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