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Why Data Management?

Data management is a necessary condition for the successful digitization of production. It is what makes applications such as Predictive Maintenance or Predictive Quality  possible in the first place. However, data is also made usable for other data analytics applications such as energy consumption or machine condition monitoring.

  • Challenges Challenges include ensuring data quality, compliance with data protection regulations and data integration of different sources.
  • Benefits: Data-based and possibly even automated decision-making that integrates with workflows and optimizes any process, machine or quality metrics.
  • Data Management Aspects: Data collection, including machine and process data collection, data storage, and data provisioning are all part of data management.

With the help of a targeted workshop we implement data management for your use case or advise you in the process. Use the full potential of your data now and contact us!

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Why Data Analytics Consulting?


For data analytics projects in manufacturing companies, professional data analytics consulting by experts with production expertise offers clear advantages over first own attempts or projects with pure software experts.

  • Use-Case Analysis: Consultants with production expertise know best practices for production and know how to evaluate use cases in terms of their added value.
  • Data Structuring: Process and machine data must be traceable to products and processes and must be optimized with the help of consultants if necessary.
  • Data Quality & Analysis: Through iterative analysis, correlations are found, validated with process experts & data quality is improved.
  • IT / OT-Infrastructure: The existing IT / OT infrastructure must be taken into account in order to use the proven added data value operationally.
  • Proof-of-Concept and Roll-Out: Based on the results, the consultants create an actionable plan for a smooth roll-out.

The experts at IconPro will support your data analytics project at every stage to ensure success in a cost-effective manner. Start a Data Analytics POC now!

Why AI software for production?


AI software for production is designed for typical characteristics of production data, is compatible with common data formats and storage, and takes into account relevant operations and typical users on the store floor.

  • Machine Vision for optical quality control requires AI software to visually inspect products in-line and detect defects in real time despite varying image effects.
  • Predictive Maintenance uses AI software to analyze machine data and predict when maintenance is needed.
  • Predictive Quality requires AI software to correlate quality and production data to predict and optimize quality in-process leading for less inspection effort or significantly reduced scrap.
  • Trend Analysis & Prediction for monitoring important production or quality parameters requires AI software for automated detection and prediction of critical values or anomalies.

Experienced AI software engineers from IconPro will implement the appropriate application solution for you. Get started with AI software now!

Case Stuides

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Automotive Metal Forming

Automotive Metal Forming

Project Subtitle
Industrial Reinforcement Learning for the Quality Control of Metal Forming Processes

Companies & Partners
Mubea, Tailor Rolled Blanks Gmb…

Energy – Minimize Consumption

Energy – Minimize Consumption

Project Subtitle
Automation of network edge infrastructure & applications with artificial intelligence

Companies & Partners
Opel Automobile GmbH, Frau…

Commercial Vehicles – Min. Failures

Commercial Vehicles – Min. Failures

Project Subtitle
KI-basiertes Fehlermanagement in Wertschöpfungsketten

Companies & Partners
Bernard KRONE Holding SE & Co. KG, MAN Trucks, Fraunhofer …

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Who is IconPro?

IconPro is an internationally recognized provider of AI software for manufacturing and works with the leading manufacturing companies worldwide.

The company offers in-depth expertise and established solutions when it comes to Predictive Quality, Predictive Maintenance or Machine Vision to create sustainable added value for quality assurance and management in production.


What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics is an interdisciplinary approach to processing, analyzing, and interpreting large amounts of data to derive useful insights, patterns, and trends. This process involves data extraction, cleaning, analysis and visualization. Data analytics uses statistical, mathematical, and algorithmic techniques to make data-driven decisions and make predictions about the future.


What is Data Management?

Data management involves organizing, storing, securing and maintaining data throughout its lifecycle. The goal is efficient management, integrity assurance and easily accessible data inventory. It includes data capture, storage, processing, analysis and archiving. Effective data management facilitates informed decisions, promotes data utilization and improves processes.