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    Energy – Minimize Consumption
    Energy – Minimize Consumption

    Project Subtitle
    Automation of network edge infrastructure & applications with artificial intelligence

    Companies & Partners
    Opel Automobile GmbH, Frau…

    Automotive Metal Forming
    Automotive Metal Forming

    Project Subtitle
    Industrial Reinforcement Learning for the Quality Control of Metal Forming Processes

    Companies & Partners
    Mubea, Tailor Rolled Blanks Gmb…

    Mechanical – Wire Eroding
    Mechanical – Wire Eroding

    Project Subtitle
    Data-based evaluation of the wire electrical discharge machining process

    Companies & Partners
    WBA Aachener Werkzeugbau Akademie GmbH, Mak…

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    With Predictive Quality, you improve customer experience, reduce customer complaints, and increase customer satisfaction.

    With Predictive Maintenance, you reduce downtime, increase uptime, and decrease the maintenance costs of machines.

    With Machine Vision, you ensure your quality assurance runs like clockwork with real-time processing and maximum robustness.



    Predictive Quality, Machine vision, and Predictive Maintenance are key to increasing production performance.

    Maximize the value of your production lines and the installed base of your machines.

    IconPro helps you optimize process efficiency and machine effectiveness through data-driven insights from the process, machine, or quality data.

    AI Manufacturing (KI Produktion) is about helping you use your shopfloor data for maximum profitability and the best possible return on investment.



    Improve productivity, quality & profitability through Predictive Analytics.

    IconPro AI Manufacturing solutions help you get the most out of your data by automating production processes and predictions on a real-time basis.

    Turn your data into value and maximize your shopfloor’s return on investment from today with IconPro.



    Conventional image processing systems require a lot of high-tech hardware and power to obtain and evaluate image data, which can result in higher operating costs and slower processes.

    Machine Vision helps you avoid these problems by providing diagnostic information through real-time image processing.

    This can help reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).



    Business value is key for any organizational change, which is valid for IconPro AI Software.

    AI Manufacturing is a business value-creation engine that allows our customers to improve operational efficiency and competitiveness in the manufacturing industry.

    IconPro AI Software helps you realize your vision of industry 4.0 – faster and better than ever before.

    Automate production processes from today with AI Manufacturing solutions.



    Manufacturers are facing common challenges. The global manufacturing industry is constantly changing, and new technologies are transforming our daily work.

    From customer expectations to digitalization and sustainability, manufacturers face a host of challenges they must overcome to achieve success.

    IconPro helps you overcome these common challenges by providing predictive and prescriptive solutions that maximize your output while spending less on resources.

    AI software solutions help producing companies adapt to changing market dynamics, become more efficient, and minimize waste while ensuring reliability in an increasingly complex supply chain.

    IconPro provides customized Artificial Intelligence tailored to meet your data processing speed and solution ability needs.



    With the proper use-case set-up and data pre-processing, AI Manufacturing solutions can provide valuable information which can be used for numerous purposes.

    Diagnostics on the machine or process data can help you solve root causes of failures, improve operating parameters, and visualize the predicted final quality of parts as they move through production.

    This way, you can gain valuable insights that will help you adjust for better quality and productivity.



    IconPro is an internationally recognized AI Manufacturing Software Provider partnering with the leading producing companies worldwide.

    We are experts in adding sustainable value to your production with Predictive Quality, Predictive Maintenance, or Machine Vision for Quality Assurance.

    IconPro realizes tangible business benefits by automating production process optimization, reducing waste, and maximizing return on investment (ROI) through manufacturing and quality data analysis.



    Most businesses see AI’s benefits and actively seek to leverage data based on the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) to build predictive and prescriptive models.

    This should improve production productivity and quality, drive revenue and boost efficiency. But the road to success is not always a smooth one.

    Many companies looking to implement AI software have limited or no experience with these technologies, which makes it difficult and expensive for them to turn their vision into reality.

    At IconPro, we help producing companies solve this problem by providing services designed specifically for manufacturing companies who want to benefit from machine and process data analysis.

    We have helped thousands of users worldwide, and today we continue to raise the bar in adding value sustainably by providing highly reliable and worldwide support to our clients.

    IconPro has access to sizable data, which we can use to enhance individual AI Manufacturing solutions.

    We utilize the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and provide a comprehensive set of services that help organizations reap the benefits of data processing speed and customization.

    IconPro AI software solutions are designed explicitly for machine manufacturers and producing companies, which allows us to respond quickly to dynamic business needs.

    Our software products are ideal for companies looking for on-premise or in-cloud AI Software for production on which they can rely throughout the lifecycle of their installations.