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    Energy – Minimize Consumption
    Energy – Minimize Consumption

    Project Subtitle
    Automation of network edge infrastructure & applications with artificial intelligence

    Companies & Partners
    Opel Automobile GmbH, Frau…

    Automotive Metal Forming
    Automotive Metal Forming

    Project Subtitle
    Industrial Reinforcement Learning for the Quality Control of Metal Forming Processes

    Companies & Partners
    Mubea, Tailor Rolled Blanks Gmb…

    Mechanical – Wire Eroding
    Mechanical – Wire Eroding

    Project Subtitle
    Data-based evaluation of the wire electrical discharge machining process

    Companies & Partners
    WBA Aachener Werkzeugbau Akademie GmbH, Mak…

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    Who is IconPro?

    IconPro is an internationally recognized AI Manufacturing software provider partnering with the leading producing companies worldwide.

    The company offers proven expertise in adding sustainable value to production with Predictive Quality, Predictive Maintenance, or Machine Vision for Optical Quality Control.


    What is AI Manufacturing?

    AI Manufacturing has the potential to revolutionize the manufacturing industry. It is the application of AI technologies, such as machine learning and computer vision, to production processes. This approach allows manufacturers to automate, optimize, and monitor their production and improve overall efficiency. As a result, it can increase throughput, reduce costs, and enhance product quality.


    How does AI Manufacturing work?

    AI manufacturing is made possible by applying machine learning techniques on large amounts of data coming from production-related use-cases.

    The algorithms used in AI manufacturing can be designed to perform specific tasks such as predictive maintenance, predictive quality, and optical quality control. They are trained using large datasets, allowing them to identify patterns and make predictions.

    The data can come from various sources, including material protocols, supplier documents, production equipment or quality assurance. The data is used to train the AI algorithms and to provide valuable insights into the production process.

    Companies may need to invest in hardware and software to implement AI Manufacturing, such as sensors, cameras, and AI platforms. By leveraging these technologies, companies can improve the efficiency, accuracy and speed of their manufacturing processes and gain competitive advantage.


    What are the benefits of AI Manufacturing?

    • Improved efficiency: AI can help identify inefficiencies in production processes and suggest improvements, leading to increased efficiency and reduced waste.
    • Increased quality assurance: AI algorithms can be used for quality control during production, improving the speed, robustness, and accuracy of inspection processes.
    • Optimized supply chains: AI can analyze data from suppliers and carriers, identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the supply chain, and optimize the flow of goods and punctuality.
    • Improved safety: AI algorithms can control or visually monitor production processes directly on the line, reducing the risk of accidents and improving worker safety.


    What are examples of AI Manufacturing?

    One example of AI Manufacturing is the use of machine vision for optical quality control to inspect products and detect and classify defects during production in real time and despite varying influences of light.

    Another example is predictive maintenance, which uses machine learning algorithms to analyze data from production equipment and predict when maintenance is needed. This can help manufacturers reduce downtime and increase efficiency.

    A well-known application in AI Manufacturing is predictive quality, where machine learning algorithms correlate quality data and production data to enable in-process quality predictions and optimization.


    How can producing companies begin with AI Manufacturing?

    When entering AI Manufacturing, it is important to have a trusted team of experts to help identify and evaluate use cases for their potential ROI and make the right decisions regarding the appropriate technology for the solution. IconPro guarantees a smooth transition to AI Manufacturing including its implementation and to sustainable success.

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