TSAF in eMMA: Predictive Process Control

This video shows the Q-DAS eMMA software in action, powered by our IconPro TSAF software add-on for Time Series Analysis and Forecasting.

eMMA is a software responsible for monitoring quality data in production. Now, thanks to the IconPro TSAF integration, quality is not just analyzed and evaluated nicely anymore, but is predicted to allow users to ensure and improve future process capabilities:

– Know if stable processes/characteristics also stay within the specification limits in the future.
→ Ensure stability for important processes/characteristics continuously!

– Filter out and identify characteristics at risk for which the quality results will get worse
→ Focus attention on processes/characteristics whose quality is at risk!

– Know when quality results will cross a specification limit
→ React in time before a process/characteristic gets out of control!

– Predict cp or cpk values of tomorrow / next week / next month
→ Ensure that reporting targets are met by knowing KPIs beforehand and acting if needed!