As student software developer, you support the software development of the back-end of one of our products with a particular but non-exclusive focus on algorithms for data pre-processing, model training, model explanation or validation. Other activities might include microservice implementation, orchestration and parallelization, API development, unit, integration and scalability testing as well as database development or cloud services configuration.

What you should bring to the table:
▪ Studying a STEM subject incl. programming and machine learning courses
▪ Over-average grades
▪ Practical programming skills in Python
▪ Advanced skills in machine learning from theoretical AND practical experiences
▪ You are familiar with Git
▪ Open-mindedness, learning-by-doing and 100 % motivation

Bonus points for experience with:
▪ Databases

▪ Docker, Kubernetes
▪ OpenAPI
▪ Parquet
▪ RabbitMQ / AsyncAPI
▪ Apache Spark, Apache Drill
▪ MLFlow
▪ SHAP / CXPlain
▪ DevOps, CI/CD Pipelines